Violated by the Boss

 Violated by the Boss sex story

Violated by the Boss is one of my first stories, and it’s about an office girl who get’s taken advantage of by her boss. I can honestly say that I have never had a single attractive boss in my entire life. . . but I always though it would be an arousing prospect if I did. There is something about about men in positions of power, able to order, able to command, able to make you obey. Very sexy stuff!

At the moment I plan to write a couple more stories about Jessica, her boss, and the mysterious man who likes to watch her perform. I’m pretty keen to find out what will happen to her, and how far she will be willing to go to please him. . .

Anyway, this short story is out on Amazon. It’s about 5,000 words, which translates to around about 10 pages in regular print. You can get if from

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