The First Time Lesbian

First Time Lesbian

Hey guys, this is my first lesbian sex story! Here is a preview:

Lucy stepped back and sat down on the bed. She patted the spot next to her, inviting Aubrey to sit. Aubrey’s mind raced; this was the moment to decide. Did she want to do this? She thought about what people thought of her at work, and what she thought of herself. This felt so strange, but also it felt really good. Maybe she should just experience something new and see what happens?

Aubrey sat down and pressed her lips against Lucy’s. She felt warm and nervous. Lucy, confident in what she was doing, began to slide her hand down Aubrey’s side, moving from her waist to her ass. Lucy’s gentle touch, soft tongue, and quiet confidence began taking effect on Aubrey. . . She was getting turned on, and she liked it.

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