Forced to Submit

Forced to Submit

Part 3 of the Forced to Comply series is finally available! Here is a little taste of what is in store:

She spanked me instantly, each blow much harder that the ones before. I tried to cry out as her hand slapped down mercilessly on my vulnerable cheeks, but Cartwright’s mouth once more closed over mine, and my scream of surprise and pain became a plaintiff whimper as his lips muffled the noise.

My ass was burning as Officer Cartwright’s tongue lazily made its way around the inside of my mouth. My pussy was dripping wet, and I felt a bead of moisture slowly rolling down the inside of my thigh. My clit and ass and pussy were all throbbing in unison, so intense were the sexual sensations pulsing through me.

“Well done Lauren,’ I heard Kowalski say, “You’ve made it through the first part of your punishment very well. The next part should be a little bit more pleasant for you.”

The next part? I thought to myself, There is more still to come?

Forced to Submit is an adults only sex story of about 4,400 words, and it includes bondage, spanking, and anal toys.

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