Forced to Obey

Forced to Comply

Hey there everyone! Well the sequel to the “Forced to Comply” story is out! Here is a bit of a preview:

His fingers were still pumping into me as his other hand twisted my nipples, and his mouth was still locked on mine. My breath was becoming ragged as the passionate need to climax built up higher and higher. I struggled against my handcuffs as I pulled my lips away from his to let out a guttural scream of pure anguish. I needed to orgasm, I just couldn’t take it anymore!

“Please let me come!” I begged my police officer captor.

“Is that what you want is it?” he teased.

“Yes!” I cried, “please! I’ll do anything you want! Please!”

“Well, alright. I’ll make you come, and then you’ll make me come. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes! Yes, it’s fair! Please, just let me come right now!”

With that, he dropped to his knees in front of me, and moved his face between my legs.

Breathless, I watched as he forced two fingers into me just as before. I looked down into his eyes, and he looked back up at me, a confident grin on his face. His leant forward and his mouth gently wrapped around the lips of my pussy. . .

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