Stray by Natasha Stories

Erin Timms took a new job as a veterinarian in Sunshine, Colorado for two important reasons: to get away from her ex, and to give herself a chance at a new life. But when devastating news of her ex follows her there, she begins to think she has made a terrible mistake.

Tall, stunning-looking Jon Miles had only one goal: to save the mountain canyon where Sunshine is located from businessmen who want to exploit it. But how can he do that when he is already an outcast?

There was nothing to suggest they’d ever meet, much less strike a spark of red-hot romance. Except that Erin can never turn away a stray. . .


Played by Natasha Stories

Eighteen-year-old Janey Nielsen had no idea what to expect when she arrived at her college campus in Salt Lake City. Raised in a tiny town in the Arizona Strip known it’s isolation, and more recently residing on a cattle ranch in central Wyoming, she’d never lived in a big city. Now she was on her own on campus, and she had no idea how to fit in.

There were two things that Janey hadn’t planned for. One was her English Lit professor, and the other was her roommate’s sexy friend Andrew Craig, star of the basketball team. How was she supposed to get any studying done with these two vying for her attention?

Recommended for readers 18+ due to sexual content.


Wrangled by Natasha Stories

Cody Wayne had an impossible dream. When his high school girlfriend left him for a rodeo star, he decided to be a rodeo star, too. Too bad he got started more than ten years later than everyone else his age.

Annalee is a young mother fleeing an abusive and twisted relationship, and trying to start a new life for herself and her child. When she and Cody are thrown together on an isolated ranch in central Wyoming, she begins to hope that her life might just be starting to right itself.

But loving a cowboy comes with problems of its own. .


Rustled by Natasha Stories

Rustled is my first full length novel. It’s the beginning of a series of stand alone stories, set on a cowboy ranch in Wyoming. Here is the blurb for it:

Lost, alone, and on the run, Charity Green is forced to turn for help to a handsome stranger; a mysterious and taciturn cowboy, who is hiding secrets of his own.

When they are trapped together in a one-room cabin during a Wyoming blizzard, will she find herself in even more trouble? Or will she finally be able to stop running?

Forced to Comply Boxed Set

Forced to Comply Boxed Set

Well, the series is finished, so I thought I would put together a boxed set of all for parts in the Forced to Comply Series!

was breathless. I hadn’t been touched like that since I broke up with my cheating douche-bag of a boyfriend months before, and I had missed the way it felt to have a man’s hands on me. Maybe it was just because everything in my life had been so messed up lately, or maybe it was just because the situation was so strange, or perhaps it was just because a handsome cop had handcuffed me and was groping my breasts, but I was instantly and intensely turned on. The stress of the week, my outrage and anger at being pulled over – everything entirely dissipated. All I wanted was for him to touch me more and more.

His fingers were still pumping into me as his other hand twisted my nipples, and his mouth was still locked on mine. My breath was becoming ragged as the passionate need to climax built up higher and higher. I struggled against my handcuffs as I pulled my lips away from his to let out a guttural scream of pure anguish. I needed to orgasm, I just couldn’t take it anymore!

“Please let me come!” I begged my police officer captor.

“Is that what you want is it?” he teased.

“Yes!” I cried, “please! I’ll do anything you want! Please!”

“Well, alright. I’ll make you come, and then you’ll make me come. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes! Yes, it’s fair! Please, just let me come right now!”

With that, he dropped to his knees in front of me, and moved his face between my legs.

Breathless, I watched as he forced two fingers into me just as before. I looked down into his eyes, and he looked back up at me, a confident smile on his face. His leant forward and his mouth gently wrapped around the lips of my pussy. . .

Forced to Please

Forced to Please

The final part of the Forced to Comply series is finally available!


Standing before me was the man who had been in my mind constantly since the first moment I met him. Even though he was dressed in civilian clothes, a pair of dark jeans and a tight fitting shirt, and carrying a small black backpack, he still looked every inch an officer of the law. Tall, dark-haired, and powerfully built, he was exactly the sort of man that made women weak at the knees . . . and he was having that effect on me now.

A few moments before I had known exactly what I was going to say, but words seemed to completely escape me now. I just stood there staring at him.

“Hello Lauren,” he said, after he had decided that the silence had gone on long

“Oh, hi,” I said, struggling in vain to regain my self-control.

He walked in and closed the door, before pulling a small black sleeping mask from his pocket and showing it to me.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked.

I gave up my feeble attempt to play it cool. I was his. He knew it, and I knew it. There was no point pretending.

“It’s a blindfold,” I replied docilely.

He smiled at me, that same entrancing smile that I was so helpless against.

“That’s right. Do you remember what I said I was going to do to you when I came to visit?”

“You . . . you said that you were going to blindfold me?”

“That’s right Lauren. What else did I say I was going to do to you?”
I remembered very clearly what he had said.

“You said you were going to blindfold me . . . and tie me to my bed.”

“Correct again Lauren. You’re a very clever girl. But that’s not all I said is it? What else did I say I was going to do to you Lauren?” he asked calmly.

“You said . . . that you were going to fuck me over and over again,” I replied, feeling hot and flushed just at the thought of it.

“That’s right beautiful girl. That’s exactly what I’m going to do to you.” He looked around for a moment, “Where is your bedroom Lovely?”

‘Forced to Please’ is the final part of the ‘Forced to Comply’ erotic bondage story.

Forced to Submit

Forced to Submit

Part 3 of the Forced to Comply series is finally available! Here is a little taste of what is in store:

She spanked me instantly, each blow much harder that the ones before. I tried to cry out as her hand slapped down mercilessly on my vulnerable cheeks, but Cartwright’s mouth once more closed over mine, and my scream of surprise and pain became a plaintiff whimper as his lips muffled the noise.

My ass was burning as Officer Cartwright’s tongue lazily made its way around the inside of my mouth. My pussy was dripping wet, and I felt a bead of moisture slowly rolling down the inside of my thigh. My clit and ass and pussy were all throbbing in unison, so intense were the sexual sensations pulsing through me.

“Well done Lauren,’ I heard Kowalski say, “You’ve made it through the first part of your punishment very well. The next part should be a little bit more pleasant for you.”

The next part? I thought to myself, There is more still to come?

Forced to Submit is an adults only sex story of about 4,400 words, and it includes bondage, spanking, and anal toys.

Hot Sexy Stories

Sex Stories

So my friend Nikki Sex and I put together a compilation of some of our short stories! If you haven’t read any of her work before, then this is your chance to try them out! This boxed set contains 5 complete XXX stories, including adults only topics like threesomes, gangbangs, anal sex, strapons, sex with strangers, oral sex, submission and dominance, lesbian erotica, and double penetration. All the fun stuff 🙂

Because all the stories are different sub-genres, I won’t go through them all here, but you should definitely head over to Amazon to check them out!

My Hot Threesome

Hot Threesome

Here is my latest short story about a beautiful blonde girl and two co-workers in Hollywood:

Over and over he kissed her, and Addison had no choice but to kiss him back. Everything was so odd in Hollywood, but it certainly seemed to be enjoyable. For all his arrogance, Gary was an amazingly good kisser.

Addison wrapped her arms around Gary’s neck and embraced the situation completely, sucked hungrily on his lips and tongue. She had never really been attracted to blond men until now, but she decided that she may have been missing out all this time.

Their tongues deliciously entangled, hands exploring each other’s body, Addison was entirely lost in the exquisitely sensual kiss. Then she felt another set of hands wrap around her from behind and slide up to her breasts, and another set of lips sucking on her neck.

She realized that her director had joined in, and was now groping her roughly. She gasped in shock, but her gasp came out only as a muffled cry, since Gary’s mouth was still pressed on hers.

She was outraged, and confused, and aroused all at once. She knew she should try and stop what was going on; surely she wasn’t the sort of woman who would be with two men at once? But it felt so luscious having two handsome men caressing her entire body that she was almost delirious. How was it even possible that on her very first day she was making out with her director and her co-star at the same time? But she couldn’t stop now; it just felt too good. . .

You can get this one from or

The First Time Lesbian

First Time Lesbian

Hey guys, this is my first lesbian sex story! Here is a preview:

Lucy stepped back and sat down on the bed. She patted the spot next to her, inviting Aubrey to sit. Aubrey’s mind raced; this was the moment to decide. Did she want to do this? She thought about what people thought of her at work, and what she thought of herself. This felt so strange, but also it felt really good. Maybe she should just experience something new and see what happens?

Aubrey sat down and pressed her lips against Lucy’s. She felt warm and nervous. Lucy, confident in what she was doing, began to slide her hand down Aubrey’s side, moving from her waist to her ass. Lucy’s gentle touch, soft tongue, and quiet confidence began taking effect on Aubrey. . . She was getting turned on, and she liked it.

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